Bee Palace

Welcome to the beepalace – a new way to help some of the most important pollinators on our planet thrive and in doing so, to make your garden a more attractive, vital and vibrant space.

The beepalace is a stylish, colourful piece of garden architecture conceived, designed and made in England. It provides a nesting place for ‘solitary’ bees. These bees hardly ever sting (and if they do, their sting is very weak). They do not swarm like honey bees, and they are very low maintenance. They do not make honey but are just as important, if not more so, as honey bees because they can pollinate up to a hundred times more plants. Just hang up your beepalace and become involved in the propagation of nature!

You can help your bees to thrive (and other pollinators) by planting the flowers, fruit trees or herbs they love (see list) nearby… Please read on…

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Research has demonstrated that it takes approximately 20,000 honey bees to pollinate one acre of apple orchard. Only 250 ‘solitary’ bees would do the same amount of work. 


We should all be stakeholders in ideas that promote the provision of innovation that helps to propagate bee and insect populations.